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Finding a man isn’t as hard as it might seem. In fact, you already have all the tools you need to land yourself the man of your dreams. So, you’re probably thinking, “If I already have the tool then why don’t I have a man on my arm already?!” Well, the answer is simple…you lack the self-confidence to believe in your sexuality. 

I’ve broken down 5 simple methods to catch a man right here on this page. Follow these steps and you will find yourself with a stud in your bed before you know it!

Own Your Sexuality

Men love when a woman is confident in herself. Being passive, nervous, and worst of all; filled with self-doubt is the best way to send a man packing. Instead, know how good you are, know how sexy you are and before long men will take notice too.

Check Your Jealousy At The Door

Tieing into #1 on our list, #2 is a tough hill to climb for most of us ladies. It’s hard not to be jealous every now and again. The world is filled with beautiful women and it’s tough seeing them, especially if they’re fawning over the man in your life. 

The best thing to do is to view them not as competition, but as a way for you to show off your confidence. Walk right past the crowd of adoring girlies and straight towards your man. Stare into his eyes and don’t even glance at the hopeful he’s in conversation with.

Whether it’s his coworker, galpal, or just a woman that’s stopped to ask for directions while casually batting her eyelashes in his direction. Once he sees how confident you are and the way your eyes lock with his he’ll be overwhelmed with attraction for you. 

Be Confident, Not Catty

You’ve just learned how to blow past the potential threat to your relationship but be sure you’re not too catty while you do it! Men aren’t attracted to a woman who is bitchy so don’t come off as being snobbish. 

Instead, address the female in question once you’ve greeted your man. Stand beside him but don’t grab onto him for dear life. This shows weakness and sends her signals that you’re intimidated. 

Lean slightly towards him and tilt your head towards him ever so discreetly. This signals to him that he’s yours but that you’re not afraid to stand on your own two feet.

Don’t Be Too Sexual

When it comes to the man you’ve set your sights on go ahead and show him what you want. Just be careful you don’t send mixed signals by being too sexual around other guys too. Say he’s your coworker, draw a clear line in the sand when it comes to other men at the office. Show him he’s the one you really want. 

Actions speak louder than words and him noticing how sexual you are around him and no one else will send his lust into overdrive. 

Laugh, Smile, & Show Your Lighter Side

Men like a girl who knows how to laugh. I don’t mean fake laughing that’s loud and high pitched! I mean genuine laughter right from the gut. Men prefer a woman with a raspier tone to her voice than a high pitched one.

So, the next time he says something funny laugh from freely and without restraint. This will show him that you really did his vibe and make him want you even more. 

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