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Tired of the same plain-Jane polish? Well, if you’re looking for something more than the same ole’ boring shades, then this is the best place for you to be! I’ve put together a guide to the hottest OPI colors you can find! 

Ladies know that OPI is the polish to reach for after each and every mani or pedi treatment. Which is why salons have those extensive collections of OPI shades for you to choose from – and why their ads are hanging every which way you turn.

Above any other, this brand delivers continuous updates and stunning collections that captivate onlookers from every angle. They always deliver on both quality and appearance which are two difficult aspects to find in most other polishes. 

I’m sure you’re dying to dive right into this lineup of stunning hues! So without further ado, let’s have a peek at the top colors by OPI. 

Malaga Wine

Malaga Wine is a voluptuous wine-red that offers the ultimate in sensual vibes. Try matching this shade with an LBD for a downright sexy finish, or dark wash denim and a loosely fitted white blouse for a vixen-ish tone. This color is part of the Infinite Shine collection – a three-step system that lasts up to 11 days. Infinite Shine comes to a gel-like shine and is guaranteed to look “fresh mani” perfect for ages. 

Big Red Apple

Big Red Apple is a juicy and delicious looking polish! Its long-lasting wear and super shiny finish can be attributed to its Infinite Shine roots which is why I just can’t get enough of this lustrous look! Wear this one with an LBD or a show-stopping finish or dark skinnies for a more low-key sensuality.


Tourmaline is from the original nail lacquer polish line that totally rocked the world of quality polish. This shade is perfect for ladies who enjoy switching up their mani’s regularly thanks to its easy take-off formula. This stunner was designed with a diamond-dust formulation that is light refractive for a brilliant flash with every movement. Its incandescent rose appearance is perfect for girlie girls who love to dazzle and would look amazing with all of your fav spring and summer looks. 

Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath is from the Nail Envy line – a superior nail collection of nail strengtheners. This stunning neutral helps to repair and strengthen weak or damaged nails so you can grow long beautiful fingernails with ease. Made with natural wheat protein and calcium, this peachy shade is perfect for nail biters who are trying to repair the damage done, or for anyone who struggles with breakage. Bubble Bath is a girlie yet subtle choice that will look incredible with nearly any color of clothing thanks to its calm demeanor and smooth finish.

Less is Norse

Iceland hails from the Infinite Shine collection – a three-step system that lasts up to 11 days! Its lustrous tone will send shivers down your spine and looks stellar with a black mini or pair of dark wash skinnies. This edgy color is perfectly on-trend and is a sure-fire way to attract all the right kind of attention. 

 Dreams Need Clara-Fication

Dreams Need Clara-Fication is a long-wearing blue polish that gives off a chill icy vibe that is perfect for both fun in the sun and snowy winter weather. This look is perfect for every season which makes it an adaptable option that you can enjoy whenever the heck you feel like it! 

Can’t Find My Czechbook

This must-have nail color is from the long-lasting, Infinite Shine collection. Its aqua-blue look is a great match for black or white clothing that will make it pop even more! Between its gel-like sheen and stunning hue, this polish is a win/win choice for either toes or fingers!

That wraps up my list of the best OPI polish colors! I chose these shades based on what’s currently on-trend and the most popular presently available. But there’s way more to choosing an OPI polish than just picking the right hue! On top of the original collection that’s always available, there’s always a new and exciting limited edition set to consider (often inspired by various countries from around the globe).

Every year, OPI releases four seasonal collections: fall, winter, spring, and summer. Their steadfast looks fall into one of several lines including Nail Lacquer, Infinite Shine, and Gel Nail Polish. Nail Lacquers are the most traditional of all their polish and are perfect for girls who like to switch up their pallet on the regular. But their Infinite Shine polish will outlast any competition and can hold up for nearly two weeks! The Gel Nail Polish is for ‘pros’ only, but anyone who’s crafty enough can manipulate this line (you’ll need a UV light to cure these gels). 

Don’t forget about the glitters and shimmer polish that bring some serious dazzle to any look. Glitters offer a more “in your face” kind of brilliance, while the shimmers offer a discrete sheen that’s perfectly blended into the polish. 

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