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Do you have that sinking feeling inside – a constant belief that the man in your life has another woman? Or, perhaps it’s you who has unintentionally fallen for a man you know is already involved? Whatever the scenario, it will knaw away at you trying to figure out who it is he loves.

Not every affair is the physical kind – people sometimes have an emotional relationship too! An emotional connection is often more painful to deal with than a physical one because once your man feels connected to another woman, the two of you will never share that intimacy again. Instead, she will become his trusted confidant, the one he tells his innermost thoughts and shares a deeper connection.  

While it’s ridiculous to think your lover will never have a relationship of some kind with another woman, keep an eye for inappropriate connections. Whether it’s a coworker, friend, ex-lover, or neighbor, if your spouse becomes emotionally invested, they very well may detach from you. Emotional affairs often turn into physical ones and are the most dangerous kind.  

The good news, there are signs to look for that will tell you if he’s fallen for another woman. This page will help you to figure out whether or not your man loves the other woman in his life. We’ve included six signs to look for that will reveal his secret.  

Let’s get started with six signs that your man loves the other woman. 

1. Your man seems happier with her than you.

Have you suddenly come to a shocking revelation – your boyfriend only seems to be cranky when he’s with you? Maybe you’ve taken note of how happy he appears while he’s around another woman? When he leaves her and comes to you, all of a sudden, he changes from the happiest guy in the world to a moody man no one wants to be around.  
If your man has suddenly become more irritated by your presence, it may be an indication that another woman makes him happy. When emotional attachment forms, he will feel guilty when he’s around you. Because guilt is an unpleasant feeling, it will make him irritable in your presence. Watch the way he behaves around this other woman closely and compare how he behaves with you. 

Now, don’t confuse general crankiness as a sign he’s fallen for someone else! Sometimes a hard day at work or other circumstances will make anyone seem stand-offish. You should only concern if he looks happy with this other lady, but not with you. Does his joyous laughter abruptly end if you sit beside him? Or maybe he tenses up and gets quiet when you’re nearby. These are indicators that a guilty conscience is getting the best of him.  

2. Your lover suddenly seem distracted?

Whether he’s always on his phone or seems a million miles away, distraction is often an indication that a man loves another woman. When a guy is in love, he naturally devotes as much attention as he can to the woman he loves. Which is why you need to be concerned if he’s no longer showering you with his care.  

If your boyfriend suddenly seems distant and unresponsive, it could well be because he’s having an emotional connection with another woman. Apart from physical attraction, an emotional connection is one of the most potent things two people can share. That trust and ultimate bond it creates is something that will make him fall in love with someone other than you.  
When a man no longer feels that kind of link, he will naturally pull away. Almost as if he sees himself as betraying this woman by being around you. Because of his newfound connection to another girl, he may feel like he is jeopardizing his relationship with her. If this is the case, you aren’t what’s important to him anymore.  

3. Your guy stopped showing you affection?

Affection is more than two people kissing and hugging all the time! It’s symbolic of the emotions between them. When a man falls for someone else, he is likely to show you less and less affection. After all, he will feel bad about his actions and be shameful in your presence. That’s not to say that once you pass that ‘teenager in love’ phase, you shouldn’t expect a more modest side to emerge!  

When a couple dates for a while, the dynamic changes, which isn’t a bad thing at all! It shows that he is relaxed in your presence. But, if he never kisses you or holds your hand while you’re out, this is a red flag! It should be plenty of reason to make you question whether, or not he’s in love with someone other than you.  

Watch the way your partner acts around this other woman. Does he playfully touch he, laugh at everything she says, blush when she walks past? These are all types of affectionate gestures and are a reliable indicator that he’s fallen for the other lady.  

4. Your man talks to this woman about yours and his relationship.

Okay, at no point is it alright for your partner to discuss yours and his relationship with another woman! Cut and dry! Doing so is a form of betrayal and signifies that he feels a deeper level of connection with her than he should. If he openly discusses your love life with this woman, it’s a clear cut sign that he may be falling for her.  

If anything, it’s you he should be talking to about his day! He should never be discussing things with another woman he would usually speak about with you! This shows he’s falling for her and feels an emotional connection with her stronger than he does with you.  

5. Your spouse makes excuses to be with her!

No matter what the circumstance, your spouse should never deliberately try to spend time with this other woman. It could be something like requesting to partner with her on a work venture or telling you he’s going out with his friends when it’s her he’s headed to see. These are tell-tale signs that your guy may have developed inappropriate feelings towards this woman.  

The only woman, your guy, should want to be spending his time with is you! Especially if he knows that it might be upsetting to you, seeing him around this other lady. Any time he makes an excuse to see someone other than you, be concerned because it’s not something he would do unless there were feelings between the two. 

6. Your spouse defends this other woman in conversation with you.

Maybe you’ve broached the subject that your partner’s relationship with this woman has made you uncomfortable. Does your man instantly jump to her defense? This is a big red flag that there’s more to their relationship than meets the eye. He will only defend the one he loves, which is why you are right to worry if this happens.  

If he jumps to her defense, then you are correct to assume he has loving feelings for her, even more than he does for you! At this point, your spouse has crossed the line and developed an inappropriate knowing with another woman. Whether they’ve slept together or not, this would still be considered an affair.  


That concludes this guide to six signs that your spouse loves the other woman. Remember that you are right to concern if your guy is spending too much time around another lady, no matter what the reason! When two people of the opposite sex spend long periods together, they naturally form a kind of bond. This bond will further wedge him away from you and could be the beginning of the end, when it comes to your relationship.  

If you notice him spending too much time with another female, put an end to it before it gets out of control. Take time to speak openly about the subject and let him know that you’re bothered by the situation. Don’t make it seem as though you’re possessive! Point out the reasoning behind your concern and remind him of how he would likely feel if the shoe was on the other foot.  

Make sure that you don’t hesitate too long because it doesn’t take much time for people to develop an emotional connection. It can happen almost instantly! Your partner must feel confident in your loyalty too, so don’t ask him to stop doing something unless you do too. If you have inappropriate male friends, show your commitment to your spouse. This will make him feel even more connected to you.  

Whatever you do, don’t smother him and try to forbid contact with other women! This is not the way to make your relationship stronger. Just let him know if you are uncomfortable with the direction his knowing of any other females has gone. This shows him that you’re rational and will make him more likely to cut ties with the other woman.

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